Massage Services
All massage treatments are performed in a warm & relaxing atmosphere to clear your
body & mind. You may remove only as much clothing as you are comfortable and you
will be appropriately draped during the entire massage. Soothing music and aromatic
candles will help complete your experience. Water will be given after therapy.
bullet Reflexology- $35 / 30 minute session
Pressure point massage recommended for allergy relief/sinus
bullet Back & Shoulder- $35 / 30 minute session
bullet Pregnancy Massage- $50 / 45 minute session
(2nd and 3rd trimester)
bullet Swedish Massage- $65 / 1 hour 10 minute session
Full body massage help with tension & increase blood circulation
bullet Therapeutic Massage- $65 / 1 hour 10 minute session
Deep tissue/precise manipulation for tight muscles/promote healing
bullet Raindrop Therapy- $75 / 60 minute session
Massage using essential oils of plants and flowers in a specific order.
Great for immune system and stress!
bullet Sun-Touched Candle Massage - $80 / 1 hour 10 minute session
Using Massage Oil from lit scented candles, this full body Massage provides relaxation and moisturization throughout the entire body.  (an array of scents are available)
bullet "Ultimate" Hot Stone Massage- $85 / 1 hour 30 minute session
Full body massage using heated Basalt stones for relaxation and healing
bullet "Chocolate Fix"- $85 / 1 hour 10 minute session
Chocolate sugar scrub back & shoulder & massage entire body with chocolate massage oil, leaving you smelling delicious!
bullet Herbal Hibernation Body Wrap- $85 / 1 hour session
Detoxify entire body w/lavender & aromatic herbs/wrap in warm thermal blanket 20 min/full body massage to penetrate & draw out impurities.
bullet Purple Rain - $85 / 1 hour 30 minute session
This Aromatherapy Hot Oil massage provides an unforgettable experience customized to your needs & moods. Each oil is infused  with beneficial essential oils & luxurious emollients
man receiving a massage